360Travelsim benefits

360Travelsim service is a high quality GSM service that is provided in cooperation with Leading mobile providers world wide.

Our customers save money without having to compromise on service quality expectations. There are many spin-off benefits that result from the low-cost service. Consider the following:

1) 360Travelsim provides FREE incoming calls and NO ROAMING fees in over 90 popular countries and destinations. A user traveling in these countries does not get charged for receiving an incoming call, no matter what time of day or how long that call lasts:

The user will answer every incoming call to 360Travelsim without concerns about costs as it is a FREE call. Imagine what it would do for business and for personal/family relationships when you can afford to speak as long as you like or need to with the caller.

Business gets better productivity as business issues and problems can be dealt with in a timely fashion without the impediment due to telephone service cost consideration; relationships are made current and improved with timely telephone communication – again without the impediment due to telephone service cost consideration

Unlike some of our competitors, we offer FREE INCOMING calls 24/7 and 365 days a year. We make no restrictions on the days or time of the call.

2) 360Travelsim incorporates DIRECT CALLING for the first time in more than 45 countries. When our other competitors are still using CALL BACK, we are connecting our customers directly with exceptional quality of service.

3) Outbound calls can also be made at rates that are affordable as they are from 75%-90% lower than the Roaming rates that are charged by the home-country GSM operator.

4) The user can access to view Call Details Records of usage and account status with Username (the UK phone number of the 360Travelsim) and Password (the PUK of the 360Travelsim) protection.

In a corporation situation, the management can access the facility to view the telephone call activity of the traveling personnel.

In a family situation, the parents or the spouse can also monitor the telephone call activity of their loved ones by simply logging on to as user to view the Call Details Records in real time.

A complete history of telephone call activity is kept in the database of and is available to the authorized user on demand.

5) Through the customer portal , the user can access our FAQ's , Manuals and get support 24/7, 365 days of the year.

6) You can add other sim numbers to his account and manage them all from our user friendly interface.

7) Our customers can add funds to their accounts and TOP up their 360Travelsim from anywhere in the world just by accessing their customer portal and making payment through paypal or credit card.

8) We offer virtual numbers from 62 countries and thousands of cities world wide. Purchasing the virtual number of your choice is easy through our Customer portal. The purchase selection is easy and the virtual number is automaticaly assigned to your 360Travelsim. You can purchase as many Virtual numbers as you want and manage them through our customer friendly portal.

A virtual telephone number is usually a local telephone number of the local telephone exchange. There are many ways you can use the virtual number to better your experience with 360Travelsim. Please see below 2 popular suggestions.

A) When traveling abroad you can purchase a virtual number for the country you are visiting, so that your new friends and possible family abroad can call you on your mobile by simply dialing a local number.

B) Before the user travels abroad he can arrange to forward all his calls from his home or mobile to his virtual local telephone number. This is useful in that the customer avoids having to require the caller to dial a different number, and the call forwarding does not incur any additional cost for calling a local virtual telephone number. It offers a low-cost way of call forwarding to a 360Travelsim GSM handset when travelling abroad, and you have the added advantage of not having to disclose your whereabouts when receiving your calls and the caller needs only dial your regular telephone numbers and not be put off by the thought of having to dial a +44 UK telephone number and the greater expense.