Calling features

360Travelsim includes the following features, free of charge.

Number Information:

By dialling 133 from your device, we will send you an sms with your Number information. Displaying your UK number and any other Local numbers you might have on the 360Travelsim.

Charge Notification:

Keep a track of all your calls and data charges. By activating this free service we will send you a notification of what you were charged after every call , sms or data use. You can turn this service on and off directly from your device. 

Call Divert :

Divert your calls to any number or voicemail from your device by activating Call Divert.

Call waiting:

When a new call is ringing while you are already in conversation, your phone will inform about the incoming connection by giving a beep sound. Then you can use Hold function (press Flash button) to answer the call, press Flash again if you wish to switch back to previous conversation.

Call conference:

Easily connect 2 live calls , creating a conference call.

Balance Check

By simply dialling 187 from your device, we will send you a notification with your current live balance.

Auto Answer:


Set up your calls to be automatically answered after a set number of rings.

Network Unavailable:

Most countries host a number of mobile providers. In many countries we have service agreements with all providers. Sometimes there is a big difference in price from one provider to the next. 360Travelsim has created a way to protect our customers from overcharging. We achive this by blocking the expensive provider. This means that if a customers mobile connects to an expensive provider , we willl send an sms notification to the customer to change mobile networks. Protecting the customer from inflated charges, and directing them to our prefered network partners.
Auto Caller ID:
Auto Caller ID is a great feature. It basically sends the correct caller id to the country you are calling. Example: Lets assume you have a USA local number from 360Travelsim. If you are calling the USA , it will show your USA local number as Caller ID. If you are calling anywhere else it will show your UK mobile number caller ID. This feature is automatic. Giving the customer assurance that the person he called in the states will call him back to his USA Local number, like a local call. No matter where the customer is world wide.
Web-based call logs:
Every 360Travelsim card has an online account. You can log into your personal account and register your 360 Travel sim. From your 360 Travel sim customer portal , you can see all your call details, data, sms usage, payments you might have made, and you can also purchase additional local numbers. We advice all customers to register their 360 Travelsim online and to take advantage of all the features 360Travelsim provides.

We strive to provide our customers with top notch support!