Cheap international calls

How does 360Travelsim work?

Our 360Travelsim service operates in over 200 countries and regions around the world on over 300 networks. This means that in many countries you can actually make and receive calls on more than one local network. As soon as you arrive at your destination and turn on your mobile, our 360Travelsim will automatically select the Prefered Roaming Network (PRN) with the strongest signal and lowest rate. Our Prefered Roaming Networks are displayed on our rates calculator.

If during your travels, you wish to manually select a different network, other than the Prefered Partner, an available network list will be displayed in your handset if you select ''manually search networks'' via your handset menu. In many countries we have secured the same rates with all providers, but in others, rates can vary depending on the chosen network. It is advised to reference our prefered roaming partners list  prior to changing networks. If you connect to an expensive network, we will send you an SMS notifying you of the mistake and urging you to connect to a different network.

Please note that, unlike some other providers, 360Travelsim only charges for outgoing calls from the point when the called party answers (and we only charge on a per minute basis).

Using our 360Travelsim Rates calculator:

1. Select the country you are calling from. (Only supported countries and operators are displayed.)

2. Select the country you are calling to.

- Look for the DIRECT CALL icon displayed on our rates calculator for countries where Direct calling is available.

- When calling from these countries your call is connected immediately , without a call back procedure.

The results of your querry will display:

- Rate for receiving an incoming call to your UK number when in the specified Country.

- Rate for receiving an incoming call to your Local number when in the specified Country.

- Rate for making an outgoing call from the specified Calling from Country to the specified calling to Destination

- Rate for sending an SMS from the specified Calling from Country. ( Receiving an SMS is FREE )

- Rate for using MOBILE DATA ( charged per 100kb ) from the specified Calling from Country.

Although for many countries the same rates apply for all providers, in others the rates may vary for different network operators in a country. We have labeled our Preferred Roaming Network Partners offering better rates and service to our customers.