Direct Calling routes

While other competitors travel SIM- cards work only with callback technology, we are expanding our DIRECT CALL network. .


360Travelsim has the highest quality of service and the best prices for all of our customers by providing Direct calling from our most popular destinations.


With 360Travelsim most areas are connected directly -Just like on your normal SIM-card

See our rate calculator and look for the Direct call icon.

Our Direct call network is growing every day . See below a list of countries from which we currently provide a Direct Calling.


Abkhazia Cayman Islands Guatemala Malaysia Singapore
Afghanistan Chad Guernsey Malta Slovakia
Albania China Guyana Mauritania Slovenia
Angola Congo (Democratic Republic) Haiti Mexico Spain
Anguilla Cook Islands Honduras Mongolia Sri Lanka
Antigua Cote dIvoire Hong Kong Montserrat St Kitts & Nevis
Australia Croatia Hungary Netherlands St Lucia
Bangladesh Cyprus Iceland Netherlands Antilles St Vincent and Grenadines
Barbados Czech Rep India New Zealand Suriname
Belgium Denmark Indonesia Norway Sweden
Bermuda Dominica Ireland Pakistan Switzerland
Bhutan Dominican Republic Israel Palestinian Territory Syrian Arab Republic
Bolivia El Salvador Italy Panama Thailand
Bonaire Estonia Jamaica Papua New Guinea Trinidad & Tobago
Bosnia and Herzegovina Fiji Japan Paraguay Turks & Caicos
Botswana France Jersey Peru UK
Brazil Finland Kenya Poland Ukraine
Bulgaria French Guyana Latvia Portugal Uruguay
Burkina Faso Germany Liechtenstein Reunion Island USA
British Virgin Islands Gibraltar - GibTelecom Lithuania Romania Vanuatu
Cameroon Greece Luxembourg Saudi Arabia Yemen
Canada Grenada Macedonia (FYROM) Seychelles  




Coverage for the rest of the world is continued to be offered with Call Back. Our customers benefit from our superior quality and low competitive rates.