Local numbers

Go Global, Be Local with a Local Phone Number

Have family in the U.S. but live in the U.K.? 2,000 miles away can still be a local call. Get a Local Number in the U.S. for your 360Travelsim and your family can reach you on your mobile no matter where you are in the world, by simply dialing your U.S. Local Number - just like a local call. Local Numbers are available in more than 62 countries. Our 360Travelsim gives you the ability to add multiple local numbers to the same sim card. This opens a world of opportunities as now you can make and receive calls as a local in over 62 countries but in addition, your friends, family and colleagues can call you anywhere at the cost of a local call.


  • Add unlimited numbers on one SIM.
  • Select phone numbers from over 62 countries.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Automatic Caller ID: our multi profile sim, automatically sends the local number caller ID that matches the country you are calling.
  • Make and receive calls on any local number.
  • No commitment.
  • Manage your numbers easily online.



Benefits of Local Phone Numbers

be local in 62 countries

You can now get a local number for the country you’re travelling to. Imagine landing in South Africa and instantly start making and receiving calls with your new South African local number. What’s more, you can add multiple numbers if you’re travelling to more than one destination.

roam with your existing number

Get a local number to match your country of residence. Then simply forward your existing number to your new local number and we’ll send all your calls to your 360Travel SIM. Its effortless!

make your business local

Operating a global business? Having the option to add numbers from multiple countries to your 360Travel SIM gives your clients the convenience of getting in touch with you at a local rate.

Automatic Caller ID

360Travelsim is a multi profile sim with automatic CLID management, which automatically sends the local number caller ID that matches the country you are calling.This basically means that when you call USA , your USA local number will be displayed as your caller ID. If you call UK your UK number will display as your caller ID. This adds to the convenience of people reaching you with a local call no matter where you are world wide.


Virtual Number Countries List

Virtual numbers from 65 countries and thousands of cities are available and automatically assigned to your 360roaming SIM

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