30 FREE Tools To Improve Customer Satisfaction

Misplacing tickets, violating SLAs, frustrating customers, and sometimes losing them are all signs point to a need for a better system. The only problem is, the budget isn’t there to shell out $100 to $200 per month on software.

To help get you started, and save you some cash, here is the best free option in the market you can find at the moment.
You can have a new full functioning calling center in less than 5 minutes with the newest top-notch features. Evcoffice ridiculous the old-school ways of communicating with your customers and employees and brings new innovative solutions to the market. Unlike the other calling centers, evcoffice gives you the ability to make and receive calls, share files and many more when you are out of the office. Evcoffice feels like your office extension and that benefits in your monthly expenses. You reduce your monthly expenses because sometimes employees have to communicate with clients or customers when they are out of the office and they have to pay from their wallet. International expanded companies require calling abroad all the time. What if you have to make a call abroad and you know that you're going to get charged a lot but you don't want to miss the client. That's where evcoffice comes, having free features while other providers charge a lot and at the same time being a free service to download is a huge deal.
Here is 30 free features EVCOFFICE provides.
1.  Unified Voicemail
You can pick up and manage all your voicemails from any device.
2.  WebRTC Web Client
Complete online easy access group chat client for employees.
3.  Click to Call
Unlimited Click to Call chat with shareable files.
4.  Messenger
Video calling & chats, documents, media ( audio note, video recording, photos) and location sharing. Contact vcard sharing and much more.
5.  Management
Online account and calls manager.
6.  Channels
Collaboration channels for employees, invite members and chat all together. Chat with up to 100 participants and exchange file in a secure high encrypted environment.
7.  Mobile Contacts
Sync your mobile contacts with the portal. You have the option to share a number with companies.
8.  Web Contacts
Private web contacts. You can have access to contacts from hardware phone.
9.  Company Directory
Directory of all company employees.
10.  Custom Music On Hold
You can add music when customers are on hold.
11.  AI Custom Text to Speech
You can use text to speech and customize every call.
12.  Speed Dial
You can place a call by pressing a reduced number of keys. This function is particularly useful for phone users who dial certain numbers on a regular basis.
13.  Intercom
A messaging platform which allows businesses to communicate with prospective and existing customers within their app, on their website, through social media, or via email.
14.  BLF
Advanced subscriber services allowing you to pick up a call when the extensions are busy.
15.  Caller ID
Set caller ID for your outbound calls - it can be your verified mobile number, a DID or a company mainline.
16.  Time Based Routing
Timespan settings allow you to route inbound calls depending on the time of day or day of the week to specific scenarios. Example after 5pm, route calls to out of office support team.
17.  Answering Rules
Divert your calls to voicemail or to another colleague. Create multiple rules based on caller id or dialed number. Direct calls to voicemail or to your colleagues when you cannot answer calls.
18.  Provisioning
Configure your desktop phones directly from the web. Define softkeys- BLF, speed dial, channels and more. Contacts from server can be available in the phone.
19.  Greetings
Record your greeting from your customer portal, or upload an audio file. You can record unlimited greeting voice files. Free text to speech, so you can create professional greeting messages for your business.
20.  Fax
Receive and send fax directly from your web portal. Free email to fax and email services.
21.  Call Groups
Direct calls to teams all at once or sequentially.
22.  Call Park
Park calls to specific locations. Pick up by direct dialing or with BLF. You can subscribe to notifications on all parked calls.
23.  Extensions
Every teammate can be easily reached by dialing their 3-digit extension.
24.  Call Recording
Record and archive all inbound and outbound calls (excluding user to user calls). You can listen your recordings directly on web or download them as mp3 files. You can enable/disable a recording per user.
25.  Auto-attendant
Create unlimited Auto attendants for your EVCOFFICE. NO limitations. Handle your calls professionally and efficiently. Create different support and nested multilevel IVR scenarios.
26.  Conference Calling
Create permanent or ad-hoc conferences. Access the conference from the web or the mobile apps. Invite people to access the conference via web by providing external access with pin or allow external dial in, through our access numbers.
27.  Multi-Location
Connect your remote offices with a single phone system. Create a unified numbering plan with branch prefixes. Use branches to group users based on their roles in the company, e.g. support, sales etc.
28.  Multi-Device Support
Never miss a call. Receive calls on mobile, desktop phone and web. All calls and chats are synchronised across all devices.
29.  Phone Numbers
Evcoffice users can choose to buy from 65 countries and thousands of cities worldwide directly from the customer portal within seconds. Assign private telephone numbers to extensions, or open up new international markets by purchasing a local number in the area of interest.
30. Desktop hardware phones
We support all Desktop IP phones and devices.
Just imagine the benefits of all these services, how you are going to reduce your expenses. You maximize your productivity through business international meetings where you can share business documents and plans. With one account you can have many devices while all the employees share the same plan, unlike other solutions where each individual has its own plan. This concludes into more savings! Evcoffice is literally breaking all the rules. You can purchase phone numbers from over 65 countries and 1000's cities worldwide within minutes. Open up branches to your business in a matter of seconds, and connect everyone through the free app.  All 30 features with the app and the web gateway are free.  Other solutions make you pay for each service extra money and for every plan is in limited edition. With evcoffice you can build an entire calling center for only $19.9! Yes, the basic plan comes with its full features. All these with 2 simple steps, by signing up and downloading evcoffice on your device for free.