Description | 360travelsim GSM SIM Card


What 360Travelsim Card offers

Is a new Prepaid International GSM SIM Card that is specially designed for corporate and leisure travelers offering low-cost International voice, text and data without hefty roaming charges.

When you take your mobile phone abroad, your phone "roams" onto overseas mobile networks enabling you to continue using your mobile phone similarly to as you would back home. However with your existing operator there may be significant extra costs for calls, voicemail, and data services. When you move between countries, 360Travelsim will move seamlessly with you, connecting to new networks as soon as you arrive at your new destination, enabling you to make low cost calls the moment you step off the plane.

360Travelsim has secured with its underlying roaming partners, high quality and reliable mobile services worldwide. With over 450 tier1 GSM operators worldwide supporting 360Travelsim services, customers can travel with the convenience of a single account and GSM SIM for all their travelling and communication needs.

With a us ,you can get all the standard GSM services including Voicemail and SMS.

 Is a customized Multi IMSI SIM card (a card that can contain multiple SIM profiles). The customer can select a 2nd or 3rd number or Profile to attach to his UK 360Travelsim. We offer optional virtual local phone numbers from over 62 countries.

Benefit from:

  • Free international roaming in 120 countries.
  • Save up to 85% on all your VOICE, TEXT and DATA worldwide.
  • Pre-loaded with $20 credit so you can start using it immediately.
  • No monthly top up requirement and it will not expire for 12 months since the last activity on the SIM.

Go Global Pay Local

Forget about paying international roaming costs .Now you can phone while travelling internationally.

360Travelsim global SIM gives you free international roaming in over 90 countries and cheap international calls while you travel. Save up to 85% on your mobile calls while you overseas.

Pre-paid sim card

 All you pay is the cost of the SIM card, the calls, texts & data that you use.

Top-up anytime, anywhere

Easily manage your top up balance at anytime and anywhere in the world via our website .You can also see exacly how much you spent online

Want more? We got you covered!

  • Low rates on data. Our rates start at just $0.15 cents per MB..
  • Great call rates when you travel internationally.
  • Choose phone numbers from over 62 countries.
  • Easily calculate roaming costs keeping charges, as low as possible.

Who is it suitable for?

Travel Professionals.

The global 360Travelsim card ensures you can make and receive calls anywhere, saving you up to 85% on your mobile rates. You can also purchase a 2nd or 3rd number for your Home country or the country you are in. Allowing friends and family to call you anywhere in the world with a local call. See our list of Virtual numbers from 62 countries.

Leisure Travellers.

You will be able to contact with anyone with local rates when you are calling from yours Virtual number. Never miss a call by forwarding all your home and mobile calls to your virtual number with the cost of a local call. Calling your UK number will be free for you to answer their calls in more than 90 countries and our online top up feature can ensure you never run out of credit.

Back Packers.

Get our 360Travelsim for a no-hassle, low cost and reliable solution for your international communication needs. Our 360Travelsim will save you a lot of money with our ONE FLAT RATE across EUROPE. No matter where you are in the EU calling anywhere in the EU will cost only $0.18/min , $0.18/sms and $0.02/100KB of DATA.


You can call your family and your ftiends from your virtual number with a local rate and it will be free for you to answer their calls on your UK number in more than 130 countries. The online top up feature can ensure you never run out of credit, and allow you to keep track of all your calls and expenses.


An ideal, no-hassle, low cost and reliable solution for your international communication needs. 360Travelsim can  save the business thousands from your roaming fees.

With our low flat rate fees in the UK, EU, CANADA, USA and Mexico, you can communicate with business associates and Home office without hefty fees and surprises. With our online customer portals, you can keep track of your all your calls and expenses. With our online top up feature you can make sure you never run out of credit

We offer additional numbers for your 360Travelsim from 62 coutnries and thousands of cities worldwide. Save thousands of dollars on employee travel by eliminating international roaming costs. Increase employee productivity as well as being able to contact employees while they are away without hefty roaming fees and for the cost of a local call to their local virtual number.


Get free international roaming in 90 countries and benefit from the lowest VOICE, TEXT and DATA rates wherever your work takes you. Use our low cost Virtual number feature, and keep in touch with friends and family no matter where you are.

Home Owners.

Now Collegues, Friends and family can reach you on one mobile number during your travels without it costing a fortune. Never miss a call while you are travelling. Purchase a virtual number for your home country and forward all your calls from your existing mobile or home number to your 360Travelsim Virtual number.


Give your friends, family and colleagues your new 360Travelsim number to call you while you are abroad, or purchase a second Virtual number for your 360Travelsim from your local area and forward your calls from your existing mobile to your new virtual number. And with this communication made it easier.