How much does mobile data roaming, really cost?

Data is charged per 100kb and as all web pages are different, data is one of those things that are hard to predict. The more images on a website or email, the more data you will use. The average UK mobile phone user, consumes around 15MB of data per day.


What Costs the Most? Streaming movies or music will ramp up your costs quite considerably, especially if you watch a couple of movies a week! If you are travelling internationally and want to avoid bill shock its best that you download movies and music before you travel.

The good news is that 360Roaming offers the most competitive Data rates in the market.

No matter where your travels take  you or what your needs are, you can surf the web , download files and emails without the fear of hefty roaming fees.

360Roaming Data fees can be as low as US$0.15/MB, depending on the country you are in.