Services | 360travelsim GSM SIM Card


Calling features

Call hold, call waiting, call redirection, call conference, auto answer, quick access codes, number block, and another 20+ features included.

Local numbers (Virtual Numbers)

Receive FREE incoming calls in over 120 countries including popular destinations such as the USA, Europe, Middle East, Australia and most of Asia.

Data roaming (GPRS/3G)

Get low rates on data when you are travelling internationally. Our rates start at just $0.03 cents per MB.

Cheap international calls

Check the new discount calls package that enables flat outgoing call cost from the country you are located to anywhere in the world!


Use 360Travelsim to browse the internet and for even more savings make and receive calls with the evcmobi app for as low as $0.02/min.

Account management

Check your call activity, setup your address book, manage your call settings, check your billing history, add local numbers and many more.


360Travelsim service is a high quality GSM service provided in cooperation with the leading mobile Carriers World Wide. Not only do you Benefit from our HUGE savings on Roaming and calling fees but also from our exclusive DIRECT CALLING features.

Direct routes

We offer more DIRECT CALLING and less callback to even more destinations. EU, UK, USA, CAN, are all covered. Check the list of Countries that you can call from with DIRECT CALLING.

Multiple Virtual Number profiles

Get a 2nd or 3rd local number for your 360Travelsim. Achieve even greater savings with a Global Roaming Virtual number from 360Travelsim.


A free Voice messages service that can take a message for you. Listen to your messages and return any calls at your convenience.

3-way calling

Call 2 numbers and easily set up a 3-way call. This service lets you add a third person to the conversation while you're on the line.

Call redirection

Redirect calls coming to your 360Travelsim to any other number world wide , easily and efficiently through your online customer portal.